Hook Designs Bash Ring
Tuesday 24 August 2010
by Ben Swales

Hook designs are a new company on the block who many of you won’t have heard of. The company is owned and run by trials riding engineering student Shaun Hook (Shaun H on the forums) and has a dynamic team of riders behind them including Kieran Whitefield, Alec Wray and Tribal Rider Steve "Steve-O" Rogers. Shaun has been riding trials for over five years, dabbling competition as well as street and natural riding. While studying for his mechanical engineering degree, Shaun realised that he could put the skills and knowledge he was gaining to use in the trials market and decided to start designing his own products.

The first product to come out of the HD stable is this new UCI-style bash ring for screw-on cranks featuring double-sided protection, which in itself is nothing new, but Shaun has taken the idea further:

"I wanted to take it further and produce a bash that exploited the difference in frequency and intensity of use of each side. This has been achieved by removing more material from one side, whilst slightly reinforcing the other. This gives a bash ring which is lighter than existing products, yet stronger where it really matters; on the primary side.

The additional holes around the inside ring of the bash mean weight has been shed in the lowest stress areas, but a stable and strong platform has been retained, with no holes in the areas of highest stress.

The product has been through a long design process including FEA analysis and an extensive prototyping phase which attempted but failed to test the bash ring to destruction."

JPEG - 349.8 kb

The outside edge is 5mm thick, providing a strong and stable base, the centre section is 3mm thick and features CNC scoops on one side and matching machined-out holes on the other to help reduce weight and add to the overall look of the design. There is a built in lip that acts as a spacer for use with screw-on freewheels. 19 holes have also been drilled into the centre section; 16 on the lightened upper side and just three on the ‘stress’ side, ensuring that weight is kept low without compromising strength.

JPEG - 339.2 kb

JPEG - 340.4 kb

The end result is a bash ring that is reminiscent of the Trialtech Twin and Titanium bash rings but that is, in reality, more like a cross between the two. And at just 26g*, it is lighter than either! The increased protection on one side will lend confidence while the extensively machined and lightened upper side helps to save weight while still providing protection should your feet get turned around mid-section.

JPEG - 462.7 kb

The product will be available from Tarty Bikes soon, and Shaun is currently looking for European and International retailers. Expected price is around £29.

Hook Designs already have a new product in the pipeline: “a very smart top cap”, more information soon.

*This weight comes from my work’s postal scales. It should be accurate, but we will provide a more accurate weight once Greg has received the bash ring.