Trevor Bodogh at Niagara Falls
Friday 16 July 2010
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 9.1 kb Top Canadian Trevor Bodogh sent us these high-quality photos taken by photographer Steve Wharton (E11even11) at Niagara Falls.

They were taken to promote the jacket that he is wearing, made from recycled material and designed by Modrobes, Trevor’s new sponsor. Trevor is riding the new Meta VTT2 de Metabike, which seems to suit him very well and promted many tourists to ask him “Where’s the seat?”.

Trevor would like to thank his main sponsors: Meta Bike, WheresTheSeat and TrialsPads! He is taking part in the 2010 World Cup and will be spending some time in Europe this summer, from the 15th July to the 9th August, and will be visiting Budapest, Brussells, Antwerp, Marseille and Saint-François Longchamp. He’s looking for riders to meet up and ride with. Get in touch by email or Facebook! Now for the photos… you can see more of them here!

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