Vincent Hermance & Stereo Panda
Thursday 15 July 2010
by Ben Swales
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Stereo Panda is a brand of clothing with dazzling colours and designs that are wild and original, influenced by Japanese styles yet with a funkiness all of their own. It is also a pro-team of BMX Flatland riders, who count among their number some pretty important names, such as the World Flatland Champion Matthias Dandois, Raphaël Chiquet and Alex Jemelin. It is Alex (along with Jimmy Petit and Lionel Cardoso) who was behind the launch of this ever growing brand. Since then Panda has gone beyond the boundaries of BMX, moving into the world of fashion and stablishing itself as one of the most exciting off-the-shelf clothing brands of the moment. Stereo Panda will also be making themselves known in the world of trials: they are the new sponsors of top Koxx rider Vincent Hermance, who will be representing the label in the sections! Here are a few images from Vincent’s first training session in Stereo Panda gear. For all the latest news on Supermance, and to see other recent shots of the champion, head over to his blog!

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Click below to access the Stereo Panda shop!

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