The Rockman Kortz 2
Wednesday 14 July 2010
by Ben Swales
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Canadian street rider Kevin Liu, who rides for Rockman Bikes and distributes their products in Canada via his online shop, presents the brand new Rockman Kortz 2. It will be available in several colous and there will even be a top-of-the-range complete bike! Watch this space, and in the meantime, over to Kevin…

I really wanted to do this write up with Jason’s custom colored frame, but it looks like some of our order is currently stuck at customs (sorry Jason!). So here it is, the new 2010 Kortz 2 frame...

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Wheelbase 1093mm
BB Height +65 mm
Chainstay Length 380
Head Angle 72 or 70.5

The green frame you see here is the model with 70.5 degree head angle. This frame weighed in at 1448g. I did not get a chance to weigh the other model, as they all left before I borrowed the scale from Brandon.

This new iteration of the Kortz frame is constructed with scandium tubes, rather than 6061 used on the first frame. The height of the frame has been increased to better distributed stress, and there are several design changes.

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The head tube design has been updated to the one seen on the Slate 2. Rather than having one large cut-out at the front, there are two smaller cut outs on the side of the frame. JPEG - 146.1 kb

The downtube is externally butted and hydro-formed. The front of the frame is more reinforced than the first Kortz. I really like the attention to detail here. JPEG - 101.4 kb

We can see here, that the diameter of the downtube decreases as it approaches the bottom bracket shell. JPEG - 78.4 kb

The intrusion on the side of the downtube gradually shallows. JPEG - 79 kb

The Kortz 2 shares the same hollow bottom bracket yoke as the Slate 2. This design provides increased rigidity and response, without adding weight. You may also notice that the bottom of the downtube is now flat. I suspect this design was used to make the frame more resistant to dents. JPEG - 64.3 kb

The integrated booster has been revised to shed some extra weight. Like the original Kortz and the Slate 2, the booster is placed in between the seat stays. This offers more direct reinforcement, as it is placed closer to where the braking force is applied to the frame. JPEG - 69 kb

Here is a different view of the rear end. The welds look very uniform, and the ball milling on the CNC parts is a nice touch. JPEG - 82.8 kb

The integrated tensioners have been improved for the new frame. The pin is now made of stainless steel, and has a bigger thread pitch. This means that the tensioners are easier to adjust (the dial no longer gets stuck), and will offer a wider range of adjustments.