The French Cup at Cerny by Vélo Vert
Wednesday 23 June 2010
by Ben Swales
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Vé, the No.1 MTB website in France, sent some of their staff to the French Cup at Cerny last week and have just uploaded their photo-report from the event. An excellent resumé of the weekend, illustrated with 22 superb shots, complete with captions and short interviews with Gilles Coustellier, Vincent Hermance, Kenny Belaey and Aurélien Fontenoy. Kenny exclaimed “It’s the best competition on imported/an-made sections that I’ve ever seen!” Click on a photo below to head over to the full report [only in French I’m afraid – Ben]. A big thanks to Richard Bord for the great coverage! It’s great to see that the MTB world is keeping an eye on trials, and that it is a discerning eye at that. We bumped into Richard at the event and told him so and he replied: “Thanks very much! Trials is a discipline that we all appreciate at VV, but unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at once and I’m afraid that our readership is less interested in trials than in other MTB disciplines… Having said that, we’ll still be covering it as often as we can – the welcome that we receive from organisers and riders is always warm and friendly.”. We remember the first time that trials made an appearance on Vélo Vert, when a certain Thierry Girard gave trials how-tos each month. Without Vélo Vert, it’s possible that Tribal Zine wouldn’t have come into existence and it’s for that reason that we are constantly pushing for trials to be included in online and paper publications, with the help of our sponsors, Trial Magazine.

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