Ripoll 2010 by Aaron Levy
Wednesday 23 June 2010
by Ben Swales
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The 2010 UCI season kicked of in Catalonia: Like last year, the World Cup opened in Ripoll, in the heart of the Pyrenean foothills. And history repeated itseld in more ways than that: Gilles Coustellier and Dani Comas imposed their domination in the Elite classes and Karin Moor took the win in the women’s competition. The artificial sections were very tricky and varied, mixing rocks, wood and concrete. You can relive the three acts of the first UCI event of the season in the following articles:

- Act I: A storming performance from Karin Moor in Ripoll,
- Act II: Dani Comas takes the win in Ripoll,
- Act III: The Big Boss dominates in Ripoll.

Aaron Levy is a 21 year old Spanish trials rider from Sadabell who puts together a video of the Spanish World Cup round every year (Barcelona 2008, Ripoll 2009). He has sent us his Ripoll 2010 video, which is just as good as his previous offerings. It’s short and explosive, filmed using a wide angle lens, condensing the biggest moves and hardest sections form the warm-up and the competition, focusing on the stars of the Elite categories: Dani Comas, Benito Ros, Gilles Coustelier, Kenny Belaey, Vincent Hermance, Giacomo Coustelier, Abel Mustieles, Rick Koekoek and Hannes Hermann, who has been riding very strongly of late.

Thanks Aaron!



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