Kévin Vanderheyden on his Grey Sky
Tuesday 22 June 2010
by Ben Swales
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Here’s the latest video from Kévin Vanderheyden, another Belgian elite rider. Kevin is into mountain bikes in a big way – he also rides cross country at a high level. A big fan of Tribal Zine, Kevin is a member of the Kangaroo trial club and has been riding a Koxx Grey Sky for a few weeks now. This video shows him training it Gilly and at Loverval (the Kangaroos’ training ground, where the 2009 Youth Games took place), as well as in Montigny-le-Tilleul (in his garden). He talks a bit about his new bike further down, alongside some recent action photos. To keep up with Kevin’s news and activities, check out his blog!



Kévin in training…

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Kévin lors at the last round of the Belgian Bike Trial Championship in Ličge on the 30th May…”It was a cool competition. I finished third, behind Iciar Van den Berg and Thijs Verhoven (Netherlands). I made a few little mistakes, but I’m feeling good on the new bike. The Sky is great. My motivation is coming back and I’m getting better, which is a relief after a difficult start to the season. JPEG - 110.6 kb JPEG - 112.3 kb