Knut Fosse by TRA
Tuesday 22 June 2010
by Ben Swales
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Knut Fosse is a 20 year old Norwegian rider who comes from a village 80km from Bergen, the home of Thomas Remvik Aasen, aka “TRA. It was TRA who introduced us to TRA last December with his astonishing video in which we saw Knut following in his mentor’s footsteps, landing big moves with impressive ease; sidehops, ups and sidehops are the order of the day and Knut goes big on all of them. The day after the video was posted online, Cao Gong Cang, the owner of Speed Race contacted us asking us to put him in touch with the young Norwegian. Knut is now riding the 2010 Speed Race Solo. It seems to suit him, as you can see in the magnificent video that TRA sent us a few weeks later: The Beach. Now here’s another video of Knut, with TRA behind the camera once more. Filmed on street, natural and artificial sections with beautiful Norwegian scenery in the background, it’s another masterpiece! Enjoy…



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