Ali C - Brakeless
Wednesday 16 June 2010
by Ben Swales
JPEG - 4.5 kb

Last year the UK street scene waved goodbye to brakes: Chris Akrigg started the brakeless craze at the end of 2008 (Chris Akrigg... brakeless!), and since then, brakeless videos have been cropping up all over the place, each more impressive and inventive than the last. Our favourites so far have been the offerings from Rowan John or Ben Travis. Now it’s Inspired rider Alastair Clarkson’s turn, and his video is just as spectacular. Filmed over three weekends in March and April this year in different spots around the North West, this video is filled with brakeless delights! The simple edit is the work of Mark Westlake, with Radiohead supplying the soundtrack.



Here are some photos of Ali in action, taken by Mark Westlake and Dan Clark. You can see more photos of Ali on the Inspired website!

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