Dani Comas takes the win in Ripoll
Wednesday 26 May 2010
by Ben Swales
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The UCI season got underway this weekend in Catalonia: like last year, the World Cup opened in Ripoll in the Pyrenees. And history repeated itself in the Catalan mountains with Gilles Coustellier and Dani Comas taking the top spots in Elite and Karin Moor winning the women’s competition. The sections were artificial, mixing rocks, wood and concrete. All weekend you were able to follow the action live on the UCI website and now its time to bring you the results and reports in more detail, with media brought to you by Ripoll’s No.1 media site, ElRipollès.info! After a first look at the women’s final, here’s a look at the Elite 20" final, which saw Monty rider Dani Comas take the win ahead of Benito Ros, who seemed to be having a bad day...

The Elite 20" final

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The Elite 20” competition was full of surprises. Current World Champion Benito Ros started the day as favourite to win and everybody thought that he would stamp his authority on the competition following his great form at K-124 Days and in the first two rounds of the Spanish Championship. In the end however, it was Dani Comas who took the win in Ripoll, echoing last year’s results. And what a win it was; he dominated the competition from start to finish! He began by taking the lead in the semi-finals on Saturday morning between 09:30 and 11:00, finishing the two laps with a 25 point lead over Benito, who finished on 36. Abel Mustieles finished just behind him on 37, with Rick Koekoek on 38. Another big surprise: Polish rider Rafal Kumorowski, third in Ripoll last year and second in the UCI classification, did not manage to qualify for the final (he finished tenth with a total of 50 points!). The final was played out on Saturday evening between 18:00 and 19:30 in some particularly difficult conditions since the rain had set in. From the word go, Comas took the lead, finishing the first lap five points ahead of Benito (11 points and 16 points respectively), going on to demonstrate why they call him the master of Ripoll, dropping just three points on his second lap compared with Benito’s 13. In third place was Rick Koekoek on 31 followed by Abel Mustieles (35) and Loris Braun (43).

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The results in pdf format...
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Here are a few photos from the competition, taken by Arnau Urgell and Gerard Garcia, from ElRipollès.info. More photos available in this gallery: Copa del Món de bici-trial: final femenina.

Dani Comas, like a fish IN water!

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Benito Ros, beaten once again in Ripoll...

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Rick Koekoek starts his UCI season with a podium finish...

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Junior Vice-World Champion Ion Areitio Aguirre is already well used to UCI finals, despit only being 17 years old... He finished seventh in Ripoll.

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Ozonys rider Diego Barrio managed to qualify...

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