Ripoll 2010 live!
Monday 24 May 2010
by Ben Swales
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The UCI season is officially under way! The first round of the World Cup took place this weekend in Ripoll, Spain. Like last year, the sections were massive, and made up of rocks brought in specially as well as concrete and wooden obstacles. The Women’s final and the Elite Men’s final took place in Friday, with the semi finals on Saturday morning, followed by the finals in the afternoon. Karin Moor set off as the favourite in the women’s competition while in Men’s Elite the two dominating forces in world trials, Gilles Coustellier and Benito Ros showed their determination to take control of the 2010 World Cup. In 26”, Gilles will have to contend with Kenny Belaey (currently leading the World Cup and 1st in the UCI classifications) and Vincent Hermance and in 20” Benito has Dani Comas, who made a big impression in Ripoll last year, to worry about. The other riders with their eyes on the podium are Ben Slinger, Aurélien Fontenoy, Guillaume Dunand, Rafal Kumorowski, Rick Koekoek, etc.

You can check the results, which were updated live over the weekend, below. We will update this article with the results as they happen.


Elite 26”

1 Gilles Coustellier 11
2 Kenny Belaey 11
3 Vincent Hermance 24
4 Giacomo Coustellier 29
5 Ben Slinger 35
6 Hannes Hermann 38
7 Andrei Burton 42
8 Marc Caisso DNF

Elite 20”

1 Daniel COMAS RIERA 14
2 Benito José ROS CHARRAL 28
5 Loris BRAUN 43
6 Sebastian HONEGGER 46
8 Diego BARRIO ROA 58
9 Karol SERWIN 48
10 Rafal KUMOROWSKI 50
16 Joe Seddon 57
24 Sam Oliver 52

Click here for the live results!

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The finals

Karin Moor takes the lead in the Women’s 2010 World Cup!

The women’s final took place at 10:30 on Saturday and finished at 14:15. Vice-Champion Gema Abant-Condal started strongly and was in the lead after the first lap while favourite Karin Moor had a catastrophic frist lap, with 20 points on her card going into the second. However, she regained her composure on the second lap, dropping just five points and put in an excellent third lap with just one point dropped! She managed to draw level with Gema and win the first round of the World Cup on most cleans. Could the eight-time World Champion add a seventh consecutive World Cup to her accolades? To do so she’ll have to be vigilant, Gema is on top form after a winter spent training hard and the battle for the top spot will be a tough one!

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The results in pdf format...
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WC#1 Ripoll - Women Final

Flash-Back to Ripoll 2009 :

Here’s a quick look back at some of the highlights of the 2009 round in Ripoll on the 11th April 2009... Gilles took the win with a large gap between him and his nearest rivals; 12 points ahead of Kenny Belaey and 22 ahead of Vincent Hermance! He told us about his determination to keep hold of his jerseys: “I’ll be doing everything that I can to kkep hold of my jerseys and my titles. The others will have to work hard! I certainly will be and I’m super-motivated!”.

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Dani Comas took the win in Elite 20": he finished five points ahead of Benito Ros!

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