K-124 Days 2010 by Sergio (2)
Monday 10 May 2010
by Ben Swales
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The Grand Master of trials photography, Sergio, was at the Tour de Scay with his team to shoot the Elite and Super-Elite riders who had come to ride the super-difficult sections in the extreme weather conditions. From as early as the Saturday night he was posting series of photos of the riders warming up. Then, the day after the event, he uploaded a gallery dedicated to the winner of the event, the incredible Benito Ros who dominated the Super-Elite competition (K-124 Days 2010 by Sergio (1)). Two new galleries from the Tour de Scay have been added to the site in the last few days: one dedicated to the Coustellier brothers and the other to the young prodigy that is Abel Mustieles, who was riding for the first time alongside Benito, Gilles, Vincent and Giacomo in an international competition. He did not disappoint, showing himself to be an impressive and talented young rider, finishing fourth, ahead of Giacomo! Click on a photo below to access the corresponding gallery.

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