Dani Comas in Teià & Ibiza
Thursday 22 April 2010
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 27.1 kb Here are two new videos of the great Dani Comas, great both in size and achievment (1.89m tall and current BIU Spanish, European and World Champion). The top Monty is currently in second place in the Spanish Championship and is preparing himself for the first big UCI competiton of the season: the opening round of the World Cup which will take place in Ripoll on the 23rd of May. The first video shows Dani in training on some very technical rocks in the Teià wodds, near Barcelona. The second was filmed at a recent demo in Ibiza. Keep up with all of Dani’s news on his website: www.danicomas.com !


Dani in Teià...

Dani in Ibiza...


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