Danny Macaskill on the cover of Trial Mag!
Wednesday 14 April 2010
by Ben Swales , Richard Furlong
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Trial Mag’ issue 45 is still in the shops and is putting the spotlight on bikes, like never before! First of all in this new issue you will find the most ambitious test ever seen in the magazine! In the two previous issues, the Tribal Zine team offered you two massive tests of four brand new stock bikes" and four brand new mod bikes. This edition sets the bar even higher, bringing you an even crazier test: we’re trying out the latest 5 stock bikes which hit the market at the beginning of this year: the Inpulse R26, the Koxx Purple Sky, the Rockman Slate 2, the Ozonys Curve 2 as well as the Monty Kamel XXV!

PNG - 318.4 kb But that’s not all that awaits you in the bike section of this new magazine… just take a look at the cover of the new magazine! For the first time in the history of your number 1 Trials magazine, it’s biketrials that is on the front page, with the rider who has been making waves in the last few months and who has put trials in the media spotlight like never before: Danny Macaskill! This guy has pushed trials into new dimensions with the video that created such a buzz on the internet; it has been viewed 15 million times, which is a record! An interview by our English colleagues which looks at the story of this incredible phenomenon over seven glorious pages, in which Danny looks back on the filming of THE video of 2009 and the birth of the buzz which has completely overwhelmed him (“When we put it up on the net, we didn’t think for a second that it would become this kind of phenomenon”), talks about his everyday life, his history as a trials rider, his training methods, where he finds his inspiration etc… A magical, exceptional interview, which tells us everything about Danny, who isn’t in the least getting big ideas about himself, despite being the most recognised trials rider in the world! The cherry on this great big cake? You will find a poster of Danny in the magazine too. So… happy?

Danny Macaskill on the front page!

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The new kid on the stock block... the Inpulse R26 !

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The coolest of the whole Sky range... the Koxx Purple Sky !

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The 2010 Slate , lighter than ever !

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The new Ozonys competitor, the Curve 26 !

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The top of the Monty range... the new Kamel XXV !

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