K-124 Days by Tribal Zine - Teaser
Sunday 4 April 2010
by Ben Swales
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The teaser for the official K-124 Days video Tribal Zine / Gpoint...

Alain Rémy and the BFTC team have pushed the Elite and Super-Elite riders to their limits with a difficult competition with an unusual format (Elite / Super Elite, two rounds, nothing but natural). Riders have come from the four corners of Europe (France, Germany, England, Belgium, Hungary, etc...). The first round took place towards the top of the site on 100% natural sections set out on the rocks on the side of the hill; extremely technical and covered in moss! The rain paid a visit, making things even more difficult. The top two categories were run to UCI rules, meaning that only their tyres could touch the sections, making things even harder for the riders. In order to get through the sections there were some very tricky moves to be made and it was essential to know the sections well beforehand. Mission accomplished for the organisers, who wanted to move away from the norm. Several riders complained, but they all rode in the same unexpected conditions and tested their limits (and those of their tyres!). It was an exceptional and intense spectacle.

A big thanks to Marcus for these exceptional images, edited in record time during the night. Just enjoy... The Tour de Scay 2010 or the Woodstock of trials...



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