K-124 Days 2010 - The Exhibition
Saturday 3 April 2010
by Ben Swales
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K-124 Days, an enormous international competition, a weekend of shows, one big trials festival! It is also an exhibition in which the K-124 group unveil their new products each year. Last year we were treated to the new range of Koxx bikes (the now famous world beating Sky 26" and Sky 20") as well as the new Yaabaa bikes and new components from Try All, developed with the top koxx riders: a new freewheel, ultra-light single cage pedals and a new stem that had been tested throughout the previous season by Vincent Hermance and Gilles Coustellier (The K-124 Days 2009 Exhibition. All of these products, developed by the best riders on the planet and coveted by riders the world over, some of which have been out of stock for a few weeks, are on sale in the K/124 Marquee this year. A lorry-and-a-half-full of bits arrived at the Tour de Sçay on Thursday! There are also a fair few new products on show: the new lightweight Try All Shift 20” and 26” tyres, a new freewheel (36 engagement points and 6 pawls) and new entry level forged cranks.

And K-124 granted us the privilege of seeing, in exclusivity for Tribal Zine, a series of products still in development… watch this space! The Marquee...

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The 2010 Tribal Racing Tshirt!

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A few improvised studio photos

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