World Cup 2010 Round 1
Thursday 6 May 2010
by Jebegood
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The first big international UCI fixture of the season, the first round of the World Cup, will take place the 21th and 22th of May 2010 in Ripoll, Spain. You can find below all the general informations about this event, and the general parameters of the race here : General Race Parameters.

And here’s some media of the 2009 event :
- full results and write-up : World Cup 2009 Round 1
- a collection of exceptional photos from the 2009 event, taken by Spanish photographer Nando Estarellas, aka "El Rebostet" : Ripoll by El Rebostet
- all the best moments of the Elite competitions in a HD video by the Hoffmann Trial Team... Filmed in HD, it is the nicest looking video of this event that we’ve seen so far. The second half of the video is dedicated to the 20" and 26" finals, with the first half showing various stages of the qualification rounds. All the best moments of the Elite competitions are there - you can feel the tension all over again in the duel between Dani Comas and World Champion Benito Ros in Elite 20", in which Dani eventually emerged the victor. The images of the 26" competition, dominated by a determined Gilles Coustellier, are also magnificent. Some of the shots have been filmed with more than one camera.... Ripoll World Cup.

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World Cup 2010 #1 - Ripoll (Spain)