Ambrogio Chessa in training
Friday 8 January 2010
by Ben Swales
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Ambrogio Chessa the current Italian Champion and has been since 2007. He is also a rider who has demos in his blood and is a part of Italy’s top demo team, Team Bike No Limits. Most of us first heard of Ambrogio after the incredible show that he put on alongside Vincent Hermance at the Eicma Show in 2008, immortalised by Claudio Corbetta (Eicma 2008 by Claudio Corbetta). Ambrogio was then riding for the Italian K-124 distributor. He has since joined the TMS Bikevision team. Just before the holidays we brought you an interview with Amrogio, who is a big fan of Tribal Zine, connecting up to ten times a day, in which we talked about his career, his national titles, his goals for 2010 and his Evo 3 (Interview with Ambrogio Chessa).

PNG - 280.4 kb Now here’s series of superb photos of the Italian Champion, taken on the 28th of November during a training session on the Mediterranean coast near where he lives. To find out more about this talented rider head over to his new site,, where you will notice among his list of sponsors the world’s number one biketrials website, which Amrogo promotes in Italy… Thanks Ambro!

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