Rockman Manus & Aurem III
Wednesday 23 December 2009
by Ben Swales
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Singapore trials brand Rockman, distributed in France by our partner Trialprod, has settled into the trials market well, despite only being in its second year of existence! Two years ago, for instance, they only had their brake pads, the famous Rockpads, in their catalogue. Now however, they produce a large range of frames and components in their own factory in Singapore which are among the best on the market. Earlier this year Rockman launched a range of 20” bikes that was just as classy and well-made as their 26” range: the Aurem, which came onto the market in April. It was long and high, designed for UCI riding – its wheelbase was 1020mm and it had a +75 BB. A new model, with an even more extreme geometry,was released more recently, the Maladie, which had a 1030mm wheelbase and a +85 BB.

PNG - 305.8 kb Last Saturday Rockman sent us some exclusive pictures. Exit the Maladie. The Aurem is still there, although it has evolved slightly: the Asian art inspired paint job is the same, but is now anodised, and the U6 Aluminium frame is now even lighter, PNG - 230.8 kb with a published weight of 1.38kg. A new model has joined the ranks this year, the “Manus”, which is a bit shorter than the Aurem with a 1005mm wheelbase. It also has an anodised arty finish and a feather weight of 1.36kg! The headtube, with its two cut-outs, is original and adds a bit more flair. Now in exclusivity once more, here are the catalogue pictures of these two new models – click to enlarge!

The Aurem III:

The blue Aurem III:

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Vital Statistics:

Material U6 Aluminium
Wheelbase 1020mm
Chainstay Length 350mm
BB Height +75mm
Head Angle 71.5
Published Weight 1.38kg

Close-ups :

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JPEG - 264 kb

All three colours:

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Vital Statistics:

Material U6 Aluminium
Wheelbase 1005mm
Chainstay Length 350mm
BB Height +80mm
Head Angle 71.5
Published Weight 1.36kg


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