Rowan Johns - CS
Sunday 6 December 2009
by Ben Swales
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This new video from UK street rider Rowan Johns is our current favourite! Rowan is, in our opinion, the most creative and impressive street rider after Danny Mac. He rides street with such style, mixing both BMX and trials influences, that we can’t help but love his videos! The Team Ashton-Diamondback rider impressed us last year with his video Let Forever Be, his first on the Ashton Justice (which will apparently be on the market very son!). He followed that up with Free, whic was just as impressive, with plenty of manuals and spins, and his brakeless video, which showed him to be just as capable and stylish without his stoppers!

PNG - 252.2 kb Now Rowan’s back with a new video that is just as impressive as the last. We think its the best street video that we’ve seen since April (you know what we mean!). It begins with a fakie manual, followed by a wide range of ’combos’ such as the super-cool manual to front wheel over a rail to fakie manual which Rowan pulls of with deceptive ease. He also shows off his more ’trialsy’ skills with some big taps, gaps and long lines over walls and rails. We particularly liked the rail to rail line that he finished with a sidehop from a rail onto the roof of a building - scary! It’s a great video, which he’s obviously put a lot of work into; the riding, editing and soundtrack are all superb!



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