Jack Carthy in training
Friday 4 December 2009
by Ben Swales
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Here’s the latest video of 13 year old English competitor Jack Carthy, who has had an incredible 2009 season. In August he took the title of Minime World Champion at the 2009 World Youth Games, flying over the sections with impressive ease. Jack came up through the Bike Trial International circuit, and is one to watch for future UCI success! See these other articles for more of his success stories, with notable titles at Itadori-Seki, Hook Woods and Shipley Glen!

JPEG - 112.1 kb The young Onza rider has sent just released a new video that shows a few of his recent training sessions, riding rocks at Matlock Quarry, where some of the UK’s best riders go to work on their skills (Danny Butler à Matlock), and street in Matlock and other locations around the North of England. Jack has a masterful and relaxed style, particularly impressive considering his young age - we expect to hear a lot more about this young prodigy in the future!


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