Dani in Viladecans by Sergio
Friday 4 December 2009
by Ben Swales
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Our partner Photo by Sergio continues to spoil us in the run up to Christmas. This month they have already shown us some superb photos of Gilles Coustellier on his new Koxx Grey Sky in the Saint-Blaise quarry and the video of the PBS roadtrip video that followed, continuing down into Spain, visiting some of the sport’s biggest personalities on the way. Spanish and European Champion Dani Comas was one of those personalities, and they visited him at his training ground in Viladecans near Barcelona.

Following the impressive collection of photos from that visit, here’s the video. Dani has returned to little wheels this year, much to the chagrin of World Champion Benito Ros, and is currently riding the new Monty Kamel XXV. His riding is precise and powerful and he manages enormous rocks and artificial obstacles with ease, before jumping onto a Gas Gas, on which he also excels! Click below to see the video and to have another look at Sergio’s gallery of Dani Comas!


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