Forwards by Daniel Gray
Friday 4 December 2009
by Ben Swales

PNG - 145.8 kb 20 year old Daniel Gray from Berkshire is a video and trials enthusiast. For some time now he has been working on a street trials DVD with footage of some of the UK’s best riders filmed over the last two years. Originally entitled Summer Months, Daniel had intended to release the film as a DVD. He has just finished the editing and decided to put the video online instead. He changed the name to “Forwards” and voila! 30 minutes of streety goodness to cheers us up during these cold and rainy days.

It contains sections from those riders who make the British street scene the best in the world! The first section, dedicated to James Porter (Currently third in the UK Elite rankings), opens the film with a bang, with some great front wheel moves and an enormous hook. Nick Goddard’s rail ride is one of the toughest we’ve ever seen and Adam Bessel, another seasoned competitor, has an equally impressive section with some incredible precision and creativity, which he puts to good use on the rails and walls of Oxford.

The editing in this homage to the British street scene is really nicely done, and the soundtrack is excellent. Only the picture quality lets it down, but that’s down to the site and not the creator and shouldn’t stop you from marvelling at the incredible lines being pulled off by some of the best riders on the world, including Kenny Belaey, Danny MacAskill and the self appointed standard bearer of British Street, Jack Meek. Enjoy!



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