The Bistrita Indoor
Sunday 15 November 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 13.3 kb Here’s a visual look back on the Bistrita Indoor to follow our previous article and photos (Bogdan #1 in Bistrita!. The contest took place on the 31st October in the multipurpose hall in Bistrita, Transylvania. The Elite comeptiton was won by our "super-rider" Bogdan Campean, who is now riding on a Zhi. Just behind him came the talented Alexe Noni (Atomz), on his Quark. In junior, it was the very promising Kiss Roland who finished in first, ahead of Koxx rider Orban B Gabor. Kiss has just joined the TMS-Bikevision team and we showed you some photos of him in action in our previous article Kiss Roland, TMS-Bikevision rider.


Here’s an HD video of the competition to get you started, put together by Adrian Baladi Muntean (alias Baladi on the forums), showing the competition leaders in action, as well as some of the other riders.



And here are some superb photos from Virgil Poteaca, a 22 year old professional photographer. To see more, head over to the Romanian forum! A big thanks to Bogdan & Virgil !

The Venue...

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The Making Of...

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The Riders...

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The staff...

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The Contest...

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The Victors...

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