An 8.65kg Ozonys Cannibal Black!
Thursday 5 November 2009
by Ben Swales
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Raul Fernandez, the boss at, a dynamic Spanish online shop (dealing in Ozonys, Inspired, Monty, Neon, Zhi & Ko-Bikes), who is also a seasoned rider with almost 17 years of experience in national and international competition, has sent us these photos of his new bike! It’s an Ozonys Cannibal Black, and has been lightened using Ti bolts, a Reset Ti BB, Continental folding tyres (Rubber Queen 26 x 2,4" rear 26 x 2,1" front), Trialtech foam grips and Rockarm cranks. He managed to save over 500g over the production model, which weighs in a 9.4kg with HS33s front and rear (while Raúl’s has a Hope disc on the front) and his bike has a feather weight of just 8.65kg!

On the scales...

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The full bike...

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Raul Fernandez in action on his new toy...

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