The 2010 European Championships
Monday 12 October 2009
by Ben Swales
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The European Biketrials Championships took place this year in Zoetermeer in Holland, where the Benelux Championship took place last year. On the 11th and 12th July, Tribal Zine brought you the results of these particularly intense competitions. Swiss rider Karin Moor retained her Jersey with a spectacular lead over her opponents. The very talented Abel Mustieles Garcia took the title of European Junior 20” Champion on the Sunday morning while the Junior 26” title went to Frenchman Anthony Grenier following a tough battle with his opponents. In Elite, Dani Comas took the prestigious title of European Elite 20” Champion ahead of current World Champion Benito Ros, while Gilles Coustellier defended his Elite 26” jersey with style (Dani Comas & Gilles Coustellier European Champions!)!

The Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC) has recently uploaded a new website. From looking at this site we have learned that the 2010 European Championships will take place in Germany…

The new UEC website...

The Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC) have recently uploaded a new website with a more modern design and dynamic architecture. There you can find out all of the federation’s news and championship results from the last few years with just a few clicks of your mouse. Click below to take a look at the new UEC website!

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The new UEC Calendar...

The UEC have also published their calendar for the next three seasons, which will be updated soon. The next European Championship will take place in Melsungen in Germany on the 10th and 11th July 2010! This round promises to be big – the MSC Melsungen, who have 25 years of experience in biketrials, are used to organising big events such as these; they organised the European Championship and World Youth Games in 2006, and more recently the 2007 World Cup Final for which they built some superb sections using 160 tonnes of new rocks, imported to Melsungen specially for the occasion!

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Melsungen 2007...

Sergio was there of course... Melsungen 2007 by Sergio... !

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The 2009 European Championships...

The best photos from the 2009 European Championships were on Rideaktive... The Zoertemeer European Championships by Rideaktive...

Gilles Coustellier... majestic once again... Double European Champion!

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Supermance... He rode very well but once again had to “settle” for the title of Vice-European Champion.

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Kenny Belaey, third place in Elite 26" !

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