Adam Ederlyi training video
Wednesday 7 October 2009
by Ben Swales
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The Hungarian trials scene is one of the most dynamic in Eastern Europe, something which our ‘super-rider’ Bogdan knows about. He often goes to rub shoulders with the best Hungarian riders in order to progress in competition at the highest level. Adam Ederlyi is one of the big names in the country; last year he won the prestigious title of 26” Elite Hungarian Champion, conceding the 20” title to Hegedus Lazlo. The 22 year old, who we interviewed briefly at the start of the season (Mikolsc by Empix (2/2)), has been riding for seven years and competition has always been his thing. His first experience of i twas a regional comp six years ago (he won) and since then he’s been a fanatic! He trains relentlessly, riding on palettes, cable reels and rocks, in order to progress further and further and is now riding in international competitions. He finished 18th in Elite at the European Championships in Heubach last year and 24th in the Zoertemeer round as well as winning the title of Vice-Champion of Hungary in Csillebérc. Alongside his training he takes part in other sports such as swimming, running and body building, all of which help to improve his performance in comeptition.

PNG - 348.6 kb Adam is at the top of his game and is currently riding for Hungarian brand Magellan. His bike has an old-school geometry which seems to impinge on his performance. Adam is therefore looking for a new sponsor for the coming season who could help him to achieve his best on a more modern bike. Attention sponsors… please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to enter into a partnership with this extremely friendly, motivated and talented Elite rider !

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Adam sent us his latest video, created a few days ago by Hungarian editor P1sti for his sponsors (Magellan, Duna Autó, Hyundai and Milesi). It features Adam in action on his training ground, composed of artificial obstacles (palettes, cable reels, logs and beams) and we see him pulling a series of big moves with a very professional style that is all balance and precision !




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And here are a few photos of Adam during the 2009 season. Taken by Peter, alias Empix, un passionné de photo et de trial, qui shoote régulièrement les élites hongrois, et avec talent. N’hésitez pas à aller faire un tour sur sa galerie-photo pour admirer quelques-uns de ses plus beaux clichés... C’est vraiment du grand art !

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