The BIU Worlds in photos
Friday 11 September 2009
by Ben Swales
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Monty recently uploaded a photo gallery dedicated to the BIU World Championship. Dani Comas was riding the new Monty Kamel 221 XXV Limited Edition! We will run an article on the event, which was particularly intense, in the next few days. Everyone who made th etrip would agree, they’ve never seen anything so big! The marketing for the event was incredible, with big billboards advertising it over the motorways hundreds of miles away, almost 15,000 spectators at a competition in the middle of the countryside, wooden bridges for the riders to move from section to section, impeccable organisation and a spectacular closing ceremony... we’ve never seen anything like it!

Dani Comas, 2008 BIU World Champion...

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Kazuki Terai, 2009 BIU World Champion...

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The 2009 BIU Elite World Podium

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