Ali C’s Yaabaa Stinger
Friday 11 September 2009
by Ben Swales
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Alastair Clarkson, aka “Ali C”, is on of the best riders that the UK has ever produced. He made a name for himself on the comp circuit (competing since he was ten and currently riding in Elite on the national circuit) and on the street scene where his creativity and style set him apart from the crowd. Since the end of last year he has been sponsored by, Trialtech & Tartybikes and used to ride a Yaabaa 1499. In May he received a prototype of their new frame, the “Stinger”, which he has been helping to develop (La nouvelle arme d’Ali C).

JPEG - 35.6 kb This bike has been designed for street orientated riding, but with a geometry and weight that make it “multipurpose” and perfectly suited to natural riding. It came onto the market at the start of August and Max (Coulommiers K-124 House) sent us the first pictures of the final model. It has slightly longer chainstays and a higher BB than Ali’s prototype and horizontal dropouts instead of vertical. It has a glossy grey finish, which is understated and very classy-looking (Koxx Foxx 26" & Yaabaa Stinger).

Ali recently received his production Stinger frame, and here are his first impressions, along with some photos of his fully-built bike, which weighs in at 9.82kg. He’s chosen to use V-brakes, which he says are lighter and more effective than the alternatives. Action shots and a video coming soon!
- Measurements:

Wheelbase 1085mm
Chainstay length 390mm
BB height +45mm
Head angle 72°
Weight 1.82kg
Price 299€ / £292.64

- Ali C’s impressions:

JPEG - 204.7 kb OMG! this is the BEST bike I have ever had! Even better than the proto.

Its VERY stiff, the box section tubing and long weld between stays makes the back end very rigid, the front is also very stiff from the tubing profiles.

Strength also seems very good. My proto was put through its paces, missed taps to downtube, missed sidehops to chainstays, hooks, harsh taps, big drops. Not a single dent or crack (but plenty of scratches).

The geo is slightly different, mainly the longer chainstays. I have been wanting to try out a higher bb bike with longer stays for a while. You get the advantage of the clearance you get with a higher bb, but not the pogostick effect you get. I have found the longer stays helps loads with taps as it keeps my weight forward when landing and stops my back wheel looping out when my front hits the wall. I did a 57" (almost vert) tap that I have been trying for years on my first ride on this stinger!

Sidehops also seem good, I am not sure the exact reason, but I managed to sidehop a rock at my local place that I have not been able to do since I broke my ankle.

I am loving the vees also, best brakes ever, and yes, one of my levers is drilled out loads lol, it was on my racing bmx (7.8kg bmx!)

Videos and riding photos coming soon!

-  Ali C’s Stinger:

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