The Monty Kamel XXV
Monday 3 August 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 61.9 kb The Abant team, Twin sisters Mireia and Gemma, the deadly sisters of the trials world, is a family affair. It is composed of the two sisters, their father Josep, who takes care of the technical side of things as well as competition preparation (both technical and psychological) and their mother Leo, who is in charge of logistics and photography. They also have technical support from César

Cañas and from the sponsor Monty, on of the leaders of the biketrials world. The team have seven years of experience and have won no less than 23 individual titles at both national and international levels; Gemma is the current BIU and UCI World Champion. The Abant sisters have their own high quality website on which you can follow their season and their news day by day:

GIF - 11.2 kb The site also serves as an online shop, which is one of the most important in Spain and is one of the country’s main online Monty dealers. A few days ago they unveiled the first pictures of a garish new bike: the Monty Kamel XXV LIMITED EDITION. This Kamel 25, created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand, is limited to just 250 models and is a special version of the brand’s flagship model the Kamel 221. It features a unique and eye-catching black and gold paintjob and each model is numbered. Below are the photos and specifications of the XXV, which keeps the proven geometry of the 221 but is a different bike altogether thanks to several technical changes. Could this be a preview of the 2010 range?

Full Bike:

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The Kamel XXV retains the geometry and essential characteristics of the flagship model of the Spanish market leader, the Kamel 221, while bringing in some varied technical improvements. It could be that this is a preview of the 2010 Kamel...

- The frame adopts a redesigned headtube, thicker top and down tubes and a reinforced central section (seat tube junction).

- The fork has been completely redesigned. The first new feature is a thicker, one-piece steerer directly onto which the fork legs are welded. The fork is composed of 100% 7005-T6 Aluminium.

- The transmission has also been reworked. After several months of testing, Monty presents a new 15-10 gear ratio, which does not change the ratio, which remains at 1:1.5, but allows the bashguard to be made smaller, improving clearance and saving weight. The new freewheel is completely waterproof thanks to the incorporation of two pieves of plastic positioned in the body to prevent dust, water and dirt from getting in. The small ten tooth cog has also be reworked and Monty claim that it is a revolutionary design, with shape and thickness allowing improved traction while pedalling.

- The hubs have been lightened and redesigned to allow for the small diameter of the fixed cog.

- The full weight if the new Kamel XXV is published as 8695 grams!


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