The Return of Tibo!
Thursday 23 July 2009
by Ben Swales
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Following "Open Mind", i nwhich we saw him riding street on the new Combo 24", here’s a new video of TMS boss Thibaut Marriaux in showman mode, filmed at a show with Florian Tournier in Epinal. Florien has been concentrating on show riding and developping the TMS lately and has also fallen for 24" - he’ll soon be riding the Evo 3 S with 24" wheels!

The video itself isn’t anything very special, but it was filmed a week ago, just a week after Tibo had undergone a fairly major surgical operation on his brain. Less than ten days after this operation Tibo was back on his bike and riding shows on his Combo again! He is still undergoing treatment, but is mentally on top form. It just goes to show that no matter how healthy you may be, anyone can suffer from health problems, but also that will power and passion can be just as effective as any medication or treatment.



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The 24" by TMS !

Here are some photos ofTibo’s prototype, currently under development! It’s got dual Hope discs, horizontal dropouts, a 1040mm wheelbase and a +35mm BB. The weight of this complete bike is 10kg.

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And here’s a picture of the production design of this TMS street beats... Lovely!

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The 24" products that are featured on this bike; rims, hubs and spokes are 100% TMS and are currently available from the TMS Shop! Here’s a look at the New TMS 24" rim, which has just been added to the catalogue... Double walled, 32 holes, 42mm wide, circular holes, 650g...

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