The French Championships by VV
Wednesday 22 July 2009
by Ben Swales
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The French championships took place this weekend in the heart of Oz en Oisans, 50km south of Grenoble. French, European and World Champion Gilles Coustellier obviously has no intention of giving up a single one of his jerseys in 2009: he remains the grand master of World 26" trials and defended his French Champion’s jersey as aggressively as his European Championship title last week in Zoertemeer (Netherlands). He took his third French Champion title following a tough battle with his main rival this season, Vincent Hermance. We brought you the results as they happened, and you can see them again here: French Championships 2009 - Results & Photos.

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The N°1 MTB website in France, Vélo Vert, were at the French MTB Championships in Oz-en-Oisans and sent us these ’photo reports’ dedicated to the various trials competitions. Click on a photo to see the French Championships as if you were actually there! Thanks VV!

Jéran Bricaud, third in Regional 1...

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Yann Dunant, third in National...

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Marius Merger, The new French Expert champion...

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Gilles Coustellier, grand trials master...

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Vincent Hermance, vice-Champion of France 2009...

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Marc Caisso, who was back on the French podium with a well-deserved third place!

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