Benito Ros in Biella
Friday 17 July 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 99.6 kb Spanish rider Benito Ros is the grand master of World 20" trials, which he has unquestionably dominated for several years, despite having to face the return of Dani Comas to the category this year. The Monty rider made his attentions clear right from the first round of the World Cup in Ripoll, which he won emphatically. However, since then, Benito has beaten him without pity. The World Champion may be ahead in the World Cup, but he has had to relinquish the Spanish Champion and European Champion ’s jerseys to Dani!

Last month we showed you two videos fo the current World Champion (Benito Ros... 1.96m! & Benito Ros... La Bestia !). Here now is another video, edited by Alan Cappellacci, a 22 year old Italian trials rider who is a part of the Biketrial Vadese crew. It was filmed in HD at the Italian Championship in Biella, in which Benito took part. It took place right in the centre of town on artificial sections worthy of an international competition. The shots are great and the editing is very professional - it’s our video of the week! Thanks Alan!



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