The TMS Evo 3 2009
Friday 17 July 2009
by Ben Swales
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The arrival of the new trials range developed by Thibaut Marriaux was expected in mid-July, but it has been pushed back by the suppliers and will be arriving in mid-August. The new range, as we all know, has been called Evo3 and will be 100% TMS. Thibaut has ended his collaboration with MBK and developed his own brand, which has lately become a bit of a bench mark in the trials world.

The Evo3 range will be made up of two models: La gamme Evo 3 comprendra donc finalement deux modèles :
- the Evo 3 S, with 380mm chainstays, a +20mm BB and a wheelbase of 1065mm, available in pearl white.
- the Evo 3 L,with 380mm chainstays, a +50mm BB and a wheelbase of 1085mm, available in pearl white or brushed alu.

PNG - 347 kb In an earlier article, Thibaut presented the 3D drawings of the Evo3 in the new TMS colours and he has now sent us the first photos of the bike with its final colour scheme.

The Evo3 with the production finish:

Here are the first photos of the Evo3 frames in their final colour scheme - simple and effective! Particularly nice is the work that has gone into the rear end, with the clever liding horizontal dropouts.

The white and alu frames...

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The pearl white frame...

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The rear end, with machined CNC yoke and well thought out chain tensioning system...

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Full bike...

Here again are the geometry and specification of the bikes: It will be availabe in three versions - Double HS33/HS33-Louise/Double Hope Discs. The published weight of the HS33 version is 9.3kg, which is very low and could mark a new standard for the next generation of top-of-the-range trials bikes.

- The Evo 3 frames... JPEG - 245 kb

    • Material: Aluminium 7005, Magnesium alloy and silicon
    • Weight: 1.780Kg (Brushed Alu version)
    • Cut-away headtube
    • Sliding CNC rear dropout, adjustable via a 5mm tension bolt. This system allows the wheel to be fitted and removed very simply.
    • Chainstay yoke: CNC machined aluminium, cut away in neutral areas.
    • Seatstay yoke: hollowed out plate, acting as HS33 mount and booster.
    • Price 790€ (about 700 pounds), including headset and BB.

Specifications... JPEG - 235.1 kb

    • Fork: TMS straight blade pearl white / brushed Alu, 410mm threaded and CNC machined Alu steerer, black anodised top-tube cap and International Standard disc mount.
    • Headset: 1"1/8 semi-internal ring bearing.
    • Handlebar: TMS oversize 730mm carbon riser.
    • Stem: TMS black 120mm, 30° (also available - 130mm/30° and 135mm/25°)
    • Spacers: TMS black anodised Alu (10mm)
    • Grips: Caoutchouc special trial (white).
    • Bottom Bracket: TMS ISIS ring bearing (140mm)
    • Cranks: TMS CNC machined (175mm)
    • Chain: KMC K810
    • Freewheel: Tensile 18 tooth 6 click sealed bearing.
    • Rock-ring: Tensile 85mm
    • Front brake: MAGURA HS 33 limited edition white, long lever
    • Rear brake: MAGURA HS 33 limited edition white, long lever
    • Pads: TMS red, soft compound
    • Pedals: TMS magnesium (Alu colour)
    • Cog: TMS 15t
    • Front rim: TMS 39mm 28 hole, hexagonal holes, pearl white
    • Rear rim: TMS 47mm 32 hole, hexagonal holes, pearl white
    • Front hub: TMS 28 hole, anodised red, rapid tightening
    • Rear hub: TMS 32 hole, anodised red, threaded
    • Front tyre: MAXXIS mobster 26x2.1
    • Rear tyre: MAXXIS High Roller 26x2,5 super-tacky (soft compound)
    • Chainstay protector: TMS.

- Weights and prices of the different versions

    • Double Magura HS33: 9.3 Kg / 1790€ (about 1,580 pounds)
    • Magura HS33 / Magura Louise: 9.42 Kg / 1890€ (about 1,670 pounds)
    • Double Hope Mono Trial 180mm: 9,6 kg / 2190€ (about 1,930 pounds).

Quelques photos...

- Some photos of Nicolas Luque’s prototype. From an aesthetic point of view, the curves of the frame are very seductive, and the wishboning of the stays will only improve the fluidity of these lines! Technically speaking, the bike is very much up to date with today’s tastes, with its cut-away headtube and yokes and even pushes these boundaries and conventions with its clever sliding rear dropout system, which as far as we know is the only system of its kind currently on the market.

Full bike...

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Close ups...

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