Onza Pro Series Citrus Pads
Saturday 11 July 2009
by Ben Swales
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Our partner Trialprod has been the main dealer in France of british brand Onza since September 2008, with all of the Pro Series range currently in their catalogue. These high quality bikes and parts are developped by the cream of British riders and are among the lightest and most advanced available, designed purely and simply for competition trials. The rims that we presented in an article in September lasr year (Onza Pro Series chez Trialprod!) are currently unequalled on the market: the double walled rear rim is lighter than most single walled rims from other brands, and the front rim, with drilled (single) walls and side walls is a must!

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Nicolas Ollier, alias Huvertus on the web, Tribal Zine web designer and the owner of Trialprod sent us just a few hours ago the latest images of the brand new Limey 3, the brand’s new flagship 26" model, which is one of the best looking frames of the year. The new Pro Series brake pads, the Citrus pads, are also now available from their catalogue. These products have been being tested over the last few months by the cream of British riders, including Andrei Burton, Ben Savage, Joe Seddon, Scott Wilson and Danny Swindlehurst.

We have been testing them for you over the last few days, and they are of unquestionable quality. WEe have been testing them on a light grind, and there’s been no need to make it any deeper - braking is sharp and very powerful. We took them out in wet conditions and we weren’t disappointing, braking remained at the same power and grab. We still need to test them for a few more days in order to be sure of their performance and speed of wear. The medium density yellow resin that they are made of is particluarly thick, much thicker than most brake pads with 10mm of useable material which should, irrespective of their sped of wear, lend them a certain longevity. So far we’ve been impressed by their exceptional efficiency and we’ll tell you more in a full review coming soon!

- The packaged product...

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- and opened...

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- The Citrus pads on Scott Wilson’s Limey, which we showed you in his latest video in the article Scott Wilson on his Limey 3. Action photos by Heath, alias “R2wtrials” on Trials-forum!

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Tribal Test coming soon!