Onza Master 2009
Thursday 9 July 2009
by Ben Swales
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2009 is British brand Onza’s big comeback year on the international trials scene. They have a "best of British" reputation: their impressive team includes Andrei Burton and Ben Savage and their well designed and technically advanced top-of-the-range "Pro Series" has given them a real competitive edge! (see the articles on the Onza Ice & Limey 2009 and the Onza Limey 26").

Onza Head honcho Joe Poyzer has just sent us a presentation of the new Onza Master, a no-holds-barred competition orientated 20" which will be available at the end of July. With features such as the unusual frame design, which has been tested thoroughly by Elite rider Joe Seddon (winner of the British National Championship in Fort William), a cut away headtube and a top specification, this is a bike that even the top level riders would be happy with.

The production bike is kitted out with plenty of top-end parts (Tensile freewheel, Onza Hog 128 rear rim, Onza Pro Series, double HS33, etc) giving a real sense of quality throughout the bike. With a published weight of 9.2kg, the Master is sure to be a hit with competition riders! The price is just as attractive: £899.99 for the complete bike! Below is the full spec of this brand new bike, as well as photos of the bike and of JOe SEddon in action on his prototype!

- Full bike:

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- Geometry:

Wheelbase 1005mm
BB Height +50mm
Chainstay length 350mm
Weight 9.2KG

- Specification:

    • Super stiff and responsive frame with rider chosen geo.
    • Pro Series Square hole front rim.
    • Hog 128 Rear rim.
    • Maxxis Creepy Crawler Tyres
    • Alloy Forks, Bar and Stem.
    • Double HS33 Rim Brakes.
    • All new ISIS Onza Crankset with slim bash ring.
    • Onza Double cage pedals.
    • Sealed bearing hubs and headset.
    • Tensile freewheel.
    • White Porcipaw grips..

- Closeups:

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- Joe Seddon in action on the rocks:

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- and on street:

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