Nicolas Luque in Montauban
Monday 6 July 2009
by Ben Swales

JPEG - 59.4 kb The Montauban Masters, the fifth and final round of the Pyrénéen Trophy, was the scene of a long battle between top TMS rider Nicolas Luque and Maxime Tolu (an Atomz rider from Cahors who was part of the 2008 Team 2 and has now been promoted to the 2009 Team 1). After an excellent first lap and a five point lead, Maxime lost his rhythm on the following lap and Nicolas took full advantage. It wasn’t enough to stop Maxime from retaining first place in the series and taking the trophy though.

Maxime and Nico’ are good friends on and off their bikes, and Maxime often sends us videos of Nico’ for our viewing pleasure, such as this street video filmed in Montauban in February which features the TMS rider landing big sidehops and some particularly impressive front wheel gaps and this video of Nico’ landing a monstruous 1.42m sidehop during the Montauban Masters. We’ve been waiting impatiently for a full video form the comp and here it is! Soon to come on Tribal Zine, an interview with Nico’ in which he tells us what he’s up to and about his bike and his incredible sidehops...

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Another look at the photos taken by Djé’... Star of the day: the Sidehop king, Mister Nicolas Luque...

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Maxime Tolu...

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