Andrei’s World Record
Thursday 28 May 2009
by Ben Swales

GIF - 1.1 kb Top Onza rider Andrei Burton was the uncontested leader of the British 2008 selection. No other British rider had beaten him in a UCI competition and he finished sixth in the UCI classifications. He finished in 11th place in Ripoll, but could not compete in Heubach due to an injury sustained at the first round of the British nationals.

JPEG - 301.3 kb This talented 23 year old is also a great showman, riding for Selectbikes and Devon County Council, for whom he performs numerous demos throughout the county. He also puts on shows in other countries and has a reputation for being a consummate professional. He is scheduled to put on a big trials deom in London during the 2012 Olympics!

On the 4th of April, shortly before injuring himself and just after receiving his black Limey 3 (he previously rode a white one which we presented here), Andrei appeared on TV to attempt a Guinness World Record - the most 180° switches in a minute, which was then held by Kenny Belaey, who had completed 31. Andrei managed to push this up to 34, securing his place in the Guinness Book of Records! Below is the video of his performance and some photos from his last international comp in Ripoll. Thanks to Joe Poyzer and Jack Mullaly for the photos.

Andrei’s record:

Andrei in Ripoll:

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