Ali C’s new weapon
Thursday 21 May 2009
by Ben Swales
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Alastair Clarkson, aka "Ali C", is one of the best riders in Britain. He has made a name for himself both in competition (he has been competing for nearly ten years and currently rides in Elite class in Britain) and on the street scene, where he is known for his style and creativity. Since the end of last year he has been sponsored by for his bike, and Trialtech & Tartybikes for components and accessories. He had been riding a Yaabaa 1499 until now.

JPEG - 204.7 kb He is now riding the prototype of the new Yaabaa model, the «Stinger». This bike, which he is currently testing, is destined for the British market, designed with street riding in mind, but with a geometry and weight that mean it is also suitable for natural riding. The decoration has not yet been decided upon. The retail price will be less than £299. This proto features vertical dropouts, but nothing has been set in stone as yet.


Wheelbase 1085mm
Chainstay length 380mm
BB Height +35mm
Head angle 71.5°
Prototype weight 1.78kg


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Complete bike:

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