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Welcome to the Milky Way

Tuesday 1 February 2011
by Ben Swales
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As well as being the name of our galaxy and a popular chocolate bar, Milky Way is the name of a new trials components company from Italy. The parts are designed and made in Modena and the company’s aim is to produce something new and different, drawing inspiration from the best of Italian technology. We got in touch with them in December after finding out about their ingenious new bash ring, the Gummy, an innovative and stylish bit of kit. Milky Way are an ambitious company and boss Jacopo Vigna has a pretty high level of both French and English, which should help in his quest to conquer the trials world! “We are a new Italian company and our products will soon be arriving on the market, once we have sorted out all of the official business behind the scenes. We are very excited about our new venture, which we hope will be 100% operational in February. Our goal is to revolutionise the world of biketrials with our well thought-out components. We have some big ideas and the potential to realise them, which should allow us to do some pretty revolutionary things, drawing on technology from various fields, including skiing, Superbike, biomedics and automobiles. We are supported by the University of Modena, the University of Reggio Emilia and by the same workshops that work for companies such as Ferrari, Ducati, Pagani, Maserati, etc. JPEG - 72.2 kb As we are all trials riders and downhillers, we decided to use some of this expertise, technology and design to create some innovative products for the trials world. We also have a passion for style which is why, once our products are as good as they can possibly be, we start to work on the looks. That’s our role and our philosophy: to bring the best of technology and art to the four corners of the world. And all that with the quality of Italian manufacturing!»

Here’s a closer look at the Milky Way products, already being used by some of Italy’s best riders.

The Gummy bash ring, adopted by street rider Vladimir Bersha and comp rider Nicolo Di Ronco, is composed of two main parts and some elastomer washers to absorb impacts. It fits both 20” and 26” bikes and will be available in a wide range of colours.

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The Helium rear hub, as used by Italian Champion Paolo Patrizi. It is a straight pull hub, inspired by motorbike hubs, which improves spoke strength, lateral and radial stiffness and rim life and, due to the shorter spokes, saves weight. It also makes wheel building a bit easier and is compatible with all rim types.

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More on this interesting new company soon. The3ir website will soon be up and running – check it out at!

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