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Trials in Indonesia

Friday 10 December 2010
by Ben Swales
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PNG - 286.9 kb One Sport, One Tribe, One Web” is our motto here at Tribal Zine, which was created five years ago by riders like yourselves who wanted to give trials and trials riders the website that they deserved. Tribal Zine is now the No. 1 trials website and bridges the gap between trials communities all over the world, allowing riders to keep up with the information, news and events of a discipline that gets more dynamic every day.

A few months ago we were contacted by an Indonesian trials rider, Yosnison Maretsa, who comes from Depok, near Jakarta. He is a militant promoter of trials in Indonesia and through him we have discovered, with astonishment and curiosity the existence of a thriving trials community in this South East Asian republic, situated to the south of Malaysia and to the north of Australia. JPEG - 51.9 kb

We asked him to tell us about trials in Indonesia. When did it all start? How do they go about it? How is it changing? What are their projects for 2011? This young rider told us all about the evolution of the sport, which he has had a big hand in. We will be following the developments in Indonesian trials with great interest and are now associated with the YH Biketrial Cup, which takes place this month! Now, over to Yosnison...

The 90s to 2009

In Indonesia, motorcycle trials was officially recognised much earlier than biketrials. One of Indonesia’s top cigarette companies showed trials in one of their adverts years ago.

In the 90s, a rider from Bandung did performed the first public biketrials demo people began to recognise "biketrial", despite the fact that people had been practising the sport for a while. He was also the first person to hold a competition in public, although he did not but not adopt BIU or UCI rules.

The sport has its ups and downs and is growing very slowly. Recently, we started to more actively promote the sport. The number of riders and clubs has begun to increase little by little. There are now 3 clubs that consistently promote this sport with each way. TFT in Jakarta, B2TC in Bandung and my club, YH Biketrial.

JPEG - 9 kb Here is a potted history of the club and of my involvement in Indonesian trials. I started riding biketrials in about 1998, and finally formed the “Yorusy Club” in 2007. Although membership was limited to family and close friends, we have held competitions annually. Recently, we held the “Yorusy Trial Cup” on 26th January 2009 and the “Yorusy Biketrial Cup” on the 5th and 6th September 2009. Since then I have met more Indonesian biketrials riders, and began to think about opening the club to others and taking it more seriously, with higher expectations. I changed the name to “Yosnison Hindrance Trial and Biketrial Club” on 12 December 2009 and held the 1st “YH BIKETRIAL CUP” on 20th December 2009 but only six riders took part.

JPEG - 675.5 kb JPEG - 412.5 kb JPEG - 349 kb JPEG - 528.5 kb

After that, we started working with TFT (club in Jakarta) to hold biketrial events consisting of demos by club riders and members of B2TC (club in Bandung), with a small competition to finish the event, which was held on 27th December 2009. After such good progress in 2009, we wanted to take things further.

JPEG - 487.5 kb JPEG - 427 kb JPEG - 534.5 kb JPEG - 383 kb JPEG - 374 kb JPEG - 599 kb JPEG - 450.5 kb JPEG - 690.5 kb

2010 and the future

We had planned to visit Japan from 18th February until 3rd March 2010, to learn about the sport there and with the hope of meeting Mr. Hirano Hiroshi, the president of the BIU. Everything went well, we visited a club in Shizuoka (“MyRoad Nakano”), saw some competitions (“Kameoka Cup 5”), which is where I met Hirano Hiroshi, as well as many other friendly people and great riders.l I learned a lot!

Some photos taken at our training ground between April and August 2010, in which you can see the prototype 26” that is being developed by our best rider, Has Priahadena.

JPEG - 399 kb JPEG - 485 kb JPEG - 615 kb JPEG - 566 kb JPEG - 482.5 kb JPEG - 426 kb JPEG - 379 kb JPEG - 687 kb JPEG - 611.5 kb

From the 2nd September to the 30th September 2010, I held the first “YH STUDY TOUR 2010 to Japan”, taking with me one of the YH BIKETRIAL riders, chosen by myself, who also happens to be one of the best riders in Indonesia. This is another of our regular events and also one of the programs to support those who want to become more serious about biketrials as a sport. There were competitions every week end, a lot of serious training, we met riders and friends and of course, managed to fit in a bit of tourism. Here is a photo with Hirano Hiroshi...

JPEG - 867.4 kb

Here are a few recent photos, in which you can see Has Priahadena being interviewd on national television at a recent competition, Bikefest in BSD City, which we won. The trip to Japan obviously paid off!

JPEG - 388.5 kb JPEG - 605.5 kb JPEG - 750 kb

Here I am in the sections. I managed to qualify for the final.

JPEG - 2.1 Mb

Reza Adrianto (B2TC Bandung), mid-gap.

JPEG - 778.5 kb

Has savours his victory after the competition…

JPEG - 636.8 kb JPEG - 660.6 kb JPEG - 802.1 kb

Has and Season, two important members of YH Biketrial !

JPEG - 273.5 kb

And now? I am concentrating on the organisation of events, the structure of the club, memberships, etc. I am also organising another YH Biketrial Cup, which will take place this month, as well as the YH Biketrial show for 2011.

The poster for the YH Biketrial Cup 2010, sponsored by Tribal Zine!

JPEG - 756.5 kb

Moreover, I am preparing a national organisation to unite all trials riders and clubs in Indonesia, with the hope of organising a national competition, etc. I am happy to have the support of my good friends and some great people. I hope to be able to make biketrials bigger in Indonesia, so that everyone can enjoy the sport and that we can achieve great things on an international level. For the moment, our skills are not quite there, but we’re working on it! I also hope to be able to meet the best riders from other countries and t introduce them to my friends in Indonesia. Don’t hesitate to come and meet us and enjoy Biketrial!

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