Le Championnat d’Allemagne 26" 2010

The German 26" Championships

Thursday 15 July 2010
by Richard Furlong
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The German Trials Championships (26" and 20") took place in June. The German 26” Championship was organised on the 5th and 6th of June in the Hesse region by the AMC Idstein, on imported rocks, tree trunks, tyres and other concrete and wooden obstacles that make up the club’s artificial terrain. Two days of highly technical trials, all in glorious sunshine. It was logical that the Elite title would return to the 20 year old rider who had an incredible start to the season and is one of the big boys (literally and figuratively) of the UCI circuit: Atomz rider Hannes Hermann, who finished third in the K-124 Days 2010 Elite competition, then sixth in the opening round of the Ripoll World Cup! He took the win with a good lead over Trial Team Hoffman riders Thomas Mrohs, Sebastian Hoffmann (German Champion 2009) and Matthias Mrohs. In the Junior competition, logic once again had its way, with the talented Robin Fix (another Atomz rider, 8th in the European Championships and 10th in the 2009 Junior World Championships, winner of the K-124 Days 2010 Expert competition) commanding a good margin of victory over two other TTH riders, Riko Baak and David Hoffmann. The Youth title returned to Jan-Frederic Wobbe, a boy who – we remember well – took the Minime title at the 2008 World Youth Games in Nortof and finished 7th in Cadet last year at Charleroi. PNG - 376 kb Below are the full results of the 2010 German 26” Championship, and some shots taken by Sasha Sosic, a 32 year-old German former dirt-rider who converted to trials 2 years ago (after having watched a video of a certain Danny MacAskill), who comes from a suburb of Frankfurt. Big thanks to Sasha for the superb shots and we wish him a speedy recovery (Sasha broke his wrist last month). You can find other images from the Elite 26” qualifiers and from the Junior 26” Finalin these two galleries : Trial DM 2010 - 26" & Trial DM 2010 - 26" - FINALE. You can also find other images from the competition on the BDR Trials Commission’s website, which is where we got this podium shot from the 26” Elite competition (Fahrradtrial.info) and on our partner site Trial Team Hoffman (from which we got the three photos of Sebastian and David Hoffman shown below) .

Elite competition podium and full results:

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Deutsche Meisterschaft 26" AMC Idstein 05.-06. Juni 2010


Hannes "Terminator" Hermann, the new German Elite Champion!

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Thomas Mrohs, vice-Champion German Elite 2010, and also in the worldwide top-ten of UCI.

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Sebastian Hoffmann, German Elite Champion 2009, this year he took the bronze medal.

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Robin Fix, took the Junior 2010 title in fine style!

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Rico Baak, 2010 German Junior vice-Champion.

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From the Hoffman family, here is David David Hoffmann who won the bronze medal in the German Junior Championship 2010.

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Jan-Frederic Wobbe takes the Youth title, the future of German trials is in good hands!

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