La vidéo du Dressler Camp 2010

The Dressler Camp 2010 Video

mardi 18 janvier 2011
par Ben Swales
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Dressler Camp has become an unmissable event in the trials calendar over the last few years, even if it does take place “off-circuit”. A sort of BIU K-124 Days, this large festival takes place in Tanvald and is organised by former BIU Master World Champion Josef Dressler. It has become internationally famous and riders from all over Europe come to take part in the contests and competitions that are an integral part of the weekend (TSG Retro Race, Monty Eliminator Race, Freestyle Trial Contest). They also train, have fun and learn new moves from new riders throughout the weekend, for which the motto is “Trials, Fun and Rock’n Roll” ! Dressler Camp 2009 saw more than 200 participants and plenty of spectators, from 7 different European countries, including a certain Ali C, who set tongues wagging by winning absolutely everything with style (Ali C, star of Dressler Camp 2009 !) !

The fifth edition of this unique event took place at the start of July 2010 and it was, once again, a great success, with over 200 riders from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK, Italy, Poland, France and Belgium. Kenny Belaey himself, the No. 1 Monty rider, came from Germany on the Monday, where he had been just missed out on a UCI European title (not that he minded too much, as he would go on to become the UCI World Champion two months later). He had a convincing victory in the Monty Eliminator Race and then went to enjoy the parties and the local beer ! There is a collection of photos and results from the 2010 Dressler Camp here.

PNG - 347.7 ko Now here’s the event’s official video, put together by the Dressler Shop’s Lukas Burianek. It plunges you right into the heart of the festival, recreating the wonderful atmosphere and showing you all of the highlights of what was a fantastic weekend of trials. If you couldn’t make it this year, check the video out and why not head over there for 2011 ? Click below for half an hour of Trials, Fun and Rock ‘n’ Roll !

Video :

Photos :

Thursday’s Rétro Race.

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Vaclav Kolar, winner of the Freestyle Contest on the Friday.

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The Moto/Bike open took place on the Saturday.Czech Fikejz George won the moto competition and Brit rider Michael Singleton won the bike comp.

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Sunday saw the Fallen Trial Contest, a huge competition that took place over eight sections, mixing natural and artificial obstacles. Michal Budský took the win ahead of Vaclav Kolar and Jakub Vencl.

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Kenny Belaey,the guest of honour for 2010, won Monday’s Monty Eliminator Race, ahead of Tomaš Kaufman (second) and Roman Chvojka and Vaclav Kolar (joint third) !

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