Best of Benito Ros
Lo mejor de Benito Ros

The Best of Benito Ros

Wednesday 20 January 2010
by Ben Swales
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Photo by Sergio have been producing HD videos for a while now, and the change has been a good one! Following the Best Of videos dedicated to Toni Bou) and Supermance, our partners at PBS have just uploaded a summary of their best clips of “La Bestia”, Benito Ros, the Spanish rider who has, without question, dominate the world of 20” trials for long time now. This year, Dani Comas made the international UCI competitions a bit more interesting and even managed to put Benito’s supremacy into question when he took the titles of Spanish and European Champion, although Benito retained the top accolade. In Canberra he added a sixth World Title to his enormous trophy cabinet and managed to take the double after winning the World Cup in Rotorua as well!

This video begins with a bit of footage from his last competition of the 2008 season, the Chambéry International, where Benito finished second behind the seemingly untouchable Gilles Coustellier. It then continues with the highlights of the World Champion’s 2009 season: the Super-Elite competition at K-124 Days, in which he finished third, the Heubach and Saint-François Longchamp World Cup rounds, in which he majestically regained the lead in the Cup. We’ll leave you to enjoy this magnificent footage of a rider at the top of his game, perfectly presented by our favourite Alsaciens.


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Saint-François Longchamp...

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