Le calendrier UCI 2010

The 2010 UCI Calendar

Saturday 27 March 2010
by Ben Swales
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The official bike and mountainbike trials federation, the Union Cyclistique Internationale, have revealed in december the dates for their 2010 season. The opening round will take place in Ripoll, Spain as it did last year (from May 21 to 23). There will not be a round on the other side of the world this year, and that the World Cup will be 100% European.

The World Championship will take place in Quebec in the hallowed moutainbike venue of Mont Saint-Anne! We remember a certain Bruno Arnold being crowned World Champion there in 1998. The 2010 European Championship will take place, as announced, in Germany (The 2010 European Championship).

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Jean Flambart’s team (Event-Performance), after the success of the French Championship and the World Cup round in Saint-François Longchamp this year, have been put in charge of two World Cup wounds in 2010 : the third round at Serre-Chevallier in July and the final at Saint François Longchamp in August. We inform you of a significant change of the 2010 calendar. The third round of Serre-Chevalier is canceled due to lack of means. Below here are the complete and updated UCI-UEC 2010 calendar.

The UCI-UEC 2010 Calendar:

21.05.2010 23.05.2010 UCI Trials World Cup Ripoll-Catalunya SPA 2
10.06.2010 13.06.2010 Balaton Bike Fest - Trials European Cup Balatonfüred HUN 3
26.06.2010 27.06.2010 UCI Trials World Cup Biella ITA 2
02.07.2010 04.07.2010 European Trials Championships Melsungen GER 3
24.07.2010 25.07.2010 UCI Trials World Youth Games ? POL X
31.07.2010 01.08.2010 UCI Trials World Cup Antwerp BEL 2
07.08.2010 08.08.2010 UCI Trials World Cup St François Longchamp FRA 2
31.08.2010 05.09.2010 UCI Trials World Championships Mont St. Anne CAN 1
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A look back over 2009:

Ripoll, 11th April 2009... The new Elite 26” World Cup is still in Gilles Coustellier’s hands as he wins the competition with a huge lead over his main adversaries: 12 points ahead of Kenny Beleaey and 22 ahead of Vincent Hermance! He told us of his determination to keep this jersey, along with his others: “I’m going to do everything I can to keep my jerseys and my titles. The others will have to work hard! I certainly will be and I’m super-motivated!”

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Dani Comas takes the lead in the Elite 20” World Cup: he won the competition with a five point lead over Benito Ros! Ripoll by El Rebostet 011 - JPEG - 75.8 kb

Heubach, 17th May 2009... The return of Kenny Belaey! For the first time in a long time, Gilles was struggling thanks to his brother Giacomo, Kenny Belaey and Vincent Hermance. In the end he had to kneel before King Kenny, which meant that the two were on equal points overall!

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In 20", this second round marked the return to form of Benito Ros, who dominated the competiton and retook the lead in the World Cup.

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Saint-François Longchamp, 5th July 2009... Our partner Sergio, the master of trials photography, sent us his first photos of the event, direct from Saint-François Longchamp! The 26” competition was particularly intense, and marked the return to form of Supermance, who just missed out on the victory… “There was huge suspense following the first lap. Gilles and Vince are both on 0. They both go on as they started and the zeros start to multiply! And then the rain came… the last sections was like something out of the Bible. Riders had to get up onto the roof of a cabin, which was super-slippery in the rain. Gilles finished the second lap on four points, giving him five in total thanks to a foot down on his first lap. Enter Vincent, also on one. He gets up onto the first rock and launches onto the roof of the cabin… but the bike slips out on the roof (on some black ice!) and he falls violently. It was a shame, as Vincent was riding very well today, but then, so was Gilles!”

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The gloves were off as Benito Ros showed his dominance right from the start of the semi-final: “La Bestia” flew over the sections to finish his first lap on six points, with a remarkable second lap of just four! He went on to easily win the final ahead of Dani Comas and Rafal Kumorowski.

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Zoertemeer, 12th July 2009... Gilles’ European Champion’s jersey was in play once more, at a venue that seemed to favour Kenny Belaey. He demonstrated his superiority from semi-final onwards, finishing the 18 sections on a single point! Conditions were truly extreme for the final: not only were the sections to be ridden backwards, making them much more difficult than the day before, but the riders would have to contend with the rain that had fallen overnight! The struggle between Gilles Coustellier, Vincent Hermance and Kenny Belaey was incredible! The three riders were pretty much neck and neck following the first lap, all with less than 20 points. Gilles showed everyone who was boss on the second lap, taking an impressive lead and protecting his title with a very convincing victory, eight points ahead of Vincent Hermance and ten ahead of Kenny Belaey!

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The 20" competition... Dani Comas took a small lead over Benito Ros in the semi-final, with an ease that promised a real battle in the final! As expected, the final turned out to be a spectacular duel between Dani and Benito, with the latter fighting right to the end only to have to concede victory to Dani Comas who beat him by just two points…

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Knokke-Heist, 2nd August 2009... A great classic of the UCI world circuit: Each year a world cup round takes place here, on the massive sections made up from rocks and other obstacles brought in specially and set up on the beach. Kenny was the favourite from the start: He was on home ground, riding sections set by his father. Michel Romen and the Michel Romen and the RideActive.nl team, who have been promoting trials and mountainbiking in all its forms in the Netherlands for more than five years, were on hand to cover the event. Kenny took the home win, ahead of the World Champion who nevertheless retained the overall lead.

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In 20", Benito Ros controlled the competition from start to finish and won this Belgain round, giving himself a comfortable lead over fellow Spaniard Dani Comas.

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Canberra, 6th September 2009... The sport’s most prestigious jersey was back up for grabs in Australia, and it was an extremely tight competition! Gilles and Kenny set themselves apart from the crowd right from the start, both finishing the first lap on 11 points, ahead of Vincent on 12. Gilles finally took the victory, and another elite world title, on the second lap, winning on most cleans, having been the only one of the two to manage a clean on the first lap! He completed the audacious challenge that he had set himself by retaining all three of his jerseys: Champion of France, Europe and the World! Mission accomplished, he’s still the main man in world biketrials! A tip of the hat to Marc Caisso also, who finished the World Championship in a very respectable fourth place, after a season that was just as exceptional as the last!

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In 20", Benito Ros easily took the win in the absence of Dani Comas, who was injured. “La Bestia” added his sixth world title to his already impressive trophy cabinet! Pole Rafal Kumorowski retained his title of Vice-World Champion and the young Swiss rider Loris Braun stood on the third step of the podium!

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Rotorua, 14th September 2009... In the absence of Frenchmen Gilles Coustellier and Vincent Hermance, who did not have the financial support to be able to fight for the Cup in New Zealand, Kenny won the 2009 Cup final in Rotorua.

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Benito Ros further cemented his place in history: he managed, fo r the second year running, to take the double – winning both the World Cup and the World Championship! He almost won the latter with a perfect trial, conceding just one point over the 12 sections!

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