Programme des K-124 Days

The 2010 K-124 Days Programme

Tuesday 9 March 2010
by Ben Swales
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As you all know, K-124 Days 2010 will not take place in Buthiers, as the tradition of almost a decade would have it, but at the Tour de Sçay, Doubs, where organiser Alain Rémy’s club (Bike Trial Franc-Comtois) is based (K-124 Days 2010 at the Tour de Sçay !).

K-124 explained their reasons for the move for 2010: it turns out that they are planning something much bigger than any of us might have imagined and that will give more attention to the other disciplines (flatland, dirt and new for this year… downhill!) than in previous years. The new site, which Biketrial regulars will know well (the 2008 World Championship was held there), is great for trials: It is full of superb, technical rocks. Koxx Days/K-124 Days has been held in Buthiers for almost ten years now and it was getting harder and harder to set sections that were different to the previous years. This year Alain Rémy will be on home turf and will doubtless use this to his advantage in preparing something monstrous for us!

Alain tells us a bit more about the eating arrangements: “There will be food provided on-site in Verjoulot. Breakfast and meals will be served continually throughout the weekend at special prices. On Sunday evening there will be a Pasta Party with demos and a concert, all of which will be on-site.”

Tribal Zine will of course be on hand to bring you live updates and media from the event, including the official video of the event!

The closing event of this year’s festival will be the Baron Race, which will take place on Easter Monday and will pit riders from all of the disciplines represented against each other in a single, crazy competition. The winner of this new challenge will take home a cash prize of €1000!

Below you can find the complete programme for the event, which was recently uploaded to the official site, as well as the Baron Race poster! For more information head over to, send an email to [email protected] or phone +33 (0)1 64 04 44 63!

The 2010 K-124 Days Programme:

Here is the complete programme for the 2010 K-14 Days festival:

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- Thursday:

    • Kamps

- Friday:

    • Kamps
    • Export Day (Presentation of new products)

- Saturday:

    • Breakfast (07:15 to 09:30)
    • EXHIBITION AND K-124 SHOWS (10:00 to 20:30)
    • 4X (10:00 to 19:00)
    • Baron Race Track (10:00 to 19:00)
    • UNICYCLE Trials (14:00 to 17:00)
    • MTB TRIALS - ELITE 1 (15:00 to 17:00)
    • Unicycle/BMX Flatland demos (18:00 to 20:00)

- Sunday:

    • Breakfast (07:15 to 09:30)
    • EXHIBITION AND K-124 SHOWS (10:00 to 20:30)
    • 4X (10:00 to 19:00)
    • Baron Race Track (10:00 to 19:00)
    • TRIALS - All categories except ELITE (08:00 to 14:00)
    • K-124 Unicycle Flatland Battles (10:00 to 15:00)
    • TRIALS - ELITE 2 (De 14h00 à 16h00)
    • K-124 BMX Flatland Battles (15:00 to 17:00)
    • PASTA PARTY (19:00 to 23:30)

- Monday:

    • Breakfast (07:15 to 09:30)
    • EXHIBITION AND K-124 SHOWS (10:00 to 20:30)
    • 4X (10:00 to 19:00)
    • Baron Race Track (10:00 to 17:00)

The Baron Race 2010:

Below is the official poster and presentation of the Baron Race, which will be the closing event of this year’s K-124 Days festival. It’s a crazy event which will gather riders from each discipline represented at the festival and pit them together in a single race, with the winner being the most versatile and crazy rider, who will receive a cash prize of €1000!


A varied race of about 2km designed to test riders’ versatility, with the winner being the rider who is best all-round.

The race will therefore comprise several sections; pedally bits, trialsy bits and free-ride bits.

Each section can also be avoided by a rolling ‘chicken run’, but these easy sections are much longer!

The winner will be the Baron of the year and will receive a cash prize of €1000

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K-124 Days 2010:

The official K-124 press release about the tenth K-124 Days:

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K-124 Days 2010: The next stage!

For the tenth annual K-124 Days festival, we have decided to look to the future.

This will manifest itself firstly in a change of venue. The disciplines present at K-124 Days 2010 require a more extreme terrain.

We have therefore decided to move K-124 days to a more appropriate venue.

The event will take place at la Tour de Sçay, near Besançon.

This choice has been made for the following reasons:

- a long and well established relationship between the local club and K-124.
- The team has a vast experience in organising international events, including the Buthiers editions of K-124 Days and several World Championship rounds.
- 350 tonnes of rocks, 20 hectares of woodland, 100m of incline…
- The structures used for hits edition of K-124 Days will become permanent for the club, which is an important point in our eyes.

This year another major change will be made:

- In addition to the trials competitions and flatland (BMX and Unicycle) that will take place over the three days, the Easter Monday will be dedicated to the Baron Race! The idea of this race is to pit riders from all bike disciplines against one another on the same course, which will have sections that favour each discipline. The winner will therefore be the number one rider in all disciplines!
- Other new events and activities that will be added to the itinerary include a DH competition (bike and unicycle), a BMX track, dirt jumps and an air bag.

K-124 Days 2009 Flash-back!

A look back at the 9th edition of the K-124 Days festival, was more intense than ever…

PNG - 370.3 kb The 2009 season got off to a great start with an exceptionally intense K-124 Days. Over the two days spectators witnessed one of the most challenging and passionate competitions ever organised. For those of you not lucky enough to be there, Tribal Zine brought you day to day coverage of this major event in the trials calendar, with the first pictures of the brand new Sky 26” bikes which were officially unveiled at the festival (Presentation of the Koxx Sky 26" 2009), followed by a best-of photo gallery and results the day after the competitions (K-124 Days 2009 – Day 1 & The K-124 Days 2009 Final).

Tribal Zine also brought you THE official K-124 Days video, filmed using three HD cameras (Marcus Gelhard, Nicolas Ollier and Nicolas Marsac) fitted with steadycam equipment and which features all of the best moments of the weekend (K-124 Days 2009 by Tribal Zine)! This fantastic multicamera HD video allows us to relive this magical weekend in all its intensity and from every angle. You will see the first video footage of this year’s famous Paris street session, led this year by Benito Ros. Next, it’s off to Buthiers for the K-124 Days proper. The shots are magnificent; the editing is very professional and dynamic. Between the footage of the two days of competition the two superhuman riders, Vincent Hermance and Gilles Coustellier give us their opinions on the new Super-Elite category, on the never-before-seen level of difficulty, their new bikes (the first Sky prototypes) and admit to suffering from stress, like all of us mere mortals… 18 minutes of pure trials pleasure, not to be missed! We cannot recommend enough that you download the original file from Vimeo to watch it in its original resolution.


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