RadFest Trials Festival / British Trials Cup Round 3

Saturday 18 June 2011
by Ben Swales
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JPEG - 21.5 kb RadFest, the biketrials festival organised by Jack Meek, will take place at Barrow Farm Trials and Jump Centre in Essex on 22nd-24th July. The festival will open its gates at 1pm on Friday 22nd July 2011 when attendees will be invited to enter and prepare for the jam-packed weekend that will follow.

JPEG - 523.7 kb

Barrow Farm is one of the best and fastest growing cycling venues in the UK, which boasts a well respected reputation across the international Bike Trials community. Spanning 3.5 acres of land with ample parking and camping space, on site security, bike stations and catering facilities, the venue will offer riders the chance to tackle 9 huge trials areas that cater for trials riders of ALL LEVELS and abilities. Each area will consist of different themed areas, namely: The Tyre Zone, The Industrial Zone, The Pipe Zone, The Logs Zone, The Reel Zone, TGS Zone, The Speed Zone and The Radical Zone. There are also dirt jumps and a full size mini ramp on site and, if rumours are to be believed, a foam pit is currently under construction.

Here are some pictures of the various zones as they currently stand. Thanks to Joe Maher for the photos!

JPEG - 460.8 kb JPEG - 408 kb JPEG - 417.4 kb JPEG - 347.2 kb JPEG - 310.4 kb JPEG - 290.7 kb JPEG - 404.7 kb JPEG - 292.1 kb JPEG - 287.1 kb JPEG - 294.4 kb JPEG - 351 kb JPEG - 329.9 kb JPEG - 418.6 kb JPEG - 427.4 kb JPEG - 354.2 kb JPEG - 400.8 kb JPEG - 323.2 kb JPEG - 317.2 kb JPEG - 366.7 kb JPEG - 339 kb JPEG - 319.7 kb JPEG - 352.2 kb JPEG - 446.3 kb JPEG - 485.4 kb JPEG - 343.8 kb JPEG - 292 kb JPEG - 386.9 kb JPEG - 129.8 kb JPEG - 376.7 kb JPEG - 329.7 kb JPEG - 314 kb JPEG - 357.9 kb JPEG - 315.1 kb JPEG - 337.7 kb JPEG - 332.8 kb

JPEG - 54.8 kb The highlights of the weekend will include an Elite Speed Trial Show in which the best riders from around the UK will pit themselves against each other to be the fastest across a specially built section, pro demos and master classes, all surrounded by a Trials Village consisting of Trade Stands and Interactive stalls where guests will be able to view and purchase new products, obtain freshly-made food and drink, chill out and relax, and receive in/situ bike repairs to make sure nothing gets in the way of the amazing riding the weekend will provide.

As the event is open to riders of all ages, RadFest aims to look after parents and spectators by providing free hot and cold drinks all day, in addition to keeping them entertained with music, commentating and even a chance to tackle course aimed at those with little riding experience where they can use bikes provided by the organisers and will receive a certificate to take home with them.

Updates on riders/teams coming soon

Tickets are now available for this event. Email Jack Meek at [email protected] for the RadFest form and PayPal details. Tickets are on pre-sale only, none will be available on the gates.

A weekend ticket is £25 and includes parking, camping and riding all weekend.
A single day ticket is £10.
Spectator/non rider/parent £2.50.
If you only want to ride the competitionon Sunday, simply enter as normal via the Biketrial Federation website. There is no further charge.


To give you and idea of what’s on offer at Barrow Farm, here’s a short video, edited by Joe Maher, of a training session at Barrow Farm with riding from Jack Meek, Joe Maher, Scott Wilson and James Sheridan…

And here’s one of last year’s national round at Barrow:

barrow trials ! from jordon on Vimeo.

British Trials Cup Round 3

GIF - 19.5 kb The BIKETRIAL FEDERATION will be at Barrow Farm on Sunday 24th July to run the third round of the British Trials Cup alongside the festival. Anyone can enter this event and you do not need a licence or membership to enter. Entry forms, when they become available, can be downloaded from the Federation’s events page and sent by post, or you can pay and enter online. Contact [email protected] for more info on how to enter etc.

As usual, the event will run over two laps of eight sections, with different routes for Primary, Novice, Intermediate, Cadet/Expert and Elite classes. Even if you do not want to compete (why wouldn’t you?), the event will provide an amazing spectacle as UK and international Elite riders negotiate the jaw-dropping sections in an effort to get round the course with the fewest dabs.


A collection of photos from the opening round of last year’s British Cup at Barrow Farm…

JPEG - 572.8 kb JPEG - 550.1 kb JPEG - 517.1 kb JPEG - 527.9 kb JPEG - 559.6 kb JPEG - 511 kb JPEG - 537.9 kb JPEG - 522.1 kb JPEG - 512.4 kb JPEG - 519.8 kb JPEG - 473.3 kb JPEG - 582.9 kb JPEG - 482.6 kb JPEG - 516.5 kb JPEG - 536.5 kb JPEG - 555.5 kb JPEG - 495.5 kb JPEG - 479.3 kb JPEG - 417.9 kb JPEG - 576.2 kb JPEG - 480.2 kb JPEG - 541.1 kb JPEG - 571.9 kb JPEG - 551.8 kb JPEG - 577.6 kb JPEG - 535.9 kb JPEG - 506.6 kb JPEG - 552.5 kb JPEG - 552.2 kb JPEG - 511.2 kb JPEG - 520.8 kb JPEG - 302.5 kb JPEG - 545.2 kb JPEG - 538.3 kb JPEG - 519.7 kb JPEG - 535.9 kb JPEG - 548.4 kb JPEG - 594.5 kb JPEG - 572.4 kb JPEG - 550.5 kb JPEG - 521.5 kb JPEG - 565.7 kb JPEG - 577 kb JPEG - 580.4 kb JPEG - 581.4 kb JPEG - 522.7 kb JPEG - 629.2 kb JPEG - 546.1 kb JPEG - 576.8 kb JPEG - 578.8 kb JPEG - 525 kb JPEG - 491.5 kb JPEG - 478 kb JPEG - 468.5 kb JPEG - 506.8 kb JPEG - 532.8 kb JPEG - 546.3 kb JPEG - 446.1 kb JPEG - 423.6 kb JPEG - 495.9 kb JPEG - 521.1 kb JPEG - 570.6 kb JPEG - 514.3 kb JPEG - 377.4 kb JPEG - 395.6 kb JPEG - 450.2 kb JPEG - 539.5 kb

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