Pool nous présente le Camin Carbon 2 !

Pool presents the new Camin Carbon 2 !

Saturday 1 August 2015
by Flodub
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The Italian company Camin, based in Bolzano, is specialised in designing high-end road and MTB carbon frames. Last year, with the help of Roberto Timellini and his team, the company went into designing trials frames. And their first creation, the Camin Carbon V1, looked very interesting and promising. (voir Roberto Timellini presents the Camin Carbon). Since then, the company has been exploring the "carbon path", following in Monty’s footsteps. This year the bike has been brought up to date, and Italians top riders have been riding it at the world cup in Krakow.

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Not long ago, the Italian champion, Paolo "Pool" Patrizi got this bike. Tribalzine asked him to present to us his new bike and give us all his feelings about this bike. Why did he choose that bike? How does it ride?

Focus on the Camin 2

The second version keeps the same design as the first version: a very wide angle between the top tube and the head tube, in order to increase the performance of the bike. The frame and the fork have a new paint job, black and white. Classic and beautiful. Paint finish is just perfect, just what we expect on every high-end frame.

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Pool has been seduced by the look of the bike and the small details: the design is very elegant and refined. "In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful Trials bikes I’ve ever seen. I have chosen this bike for the top of the line components: Magura HS33 for the front brake, Hope TrialZone for the rear, MilkyWay rear wheel, and BB30 TryAll Bottom Bracket. This bike is great!"

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On the frame, you can’t see all the improvements at first glance. Every improvement has been made within the frame structure. Strength of the frame has been improved by working on the carbon thread, and the crossing between the carbon sheets.

The wheelbase stays short (1000mm) in order to keep a well-balanced frame. The latest version of the frame has a carbon bash guard.

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This carbon frame is a lot more expensive than an aluminium frame. Frame kit is at 2000 euros, but this is the price of excellence, and the manufacturer provides an exclusive and very attractive two-years warranty (frame an fork). Paolo: "This bike is perfectly conceived and has been tested for a long time. And the look is just stunning! A two-years warranty is just obvious for a high-end bike like this but in Trials, Camin is the first company to provide it. I highly recommend this bike to every pro rider. The company is a newcomer in Trials, and production costs are higher than other company. Camin has a small but very advanced production, and as Henry Ford said: "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking".

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To end the presentation, on the scale, the Camin weights only 6.84kg, and that is with a rear disc brake!

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The field test

It’s not a simple crush that Paolo had on this bike. He chose it because of its responsiveness on the rocks: "I have been riding Trials bikes for 11 years now. I can adapt my riding to any geometry and any equipment. But I’m looking for a high performance bike. I know my body, and I’m looking for the best tool to adapt to every specific riding condition. I’ve been testing this bike during two weeks and all that I can say is: "now, the game has changed". I have been examining this bike for almost 2 years, and today I’m convinced by the second version. I chose this bike because everything feels a 100% positive when I am riding it."

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First impressions:

"As soon as you get on the bike, you notice it’s a lot more rigid and lighter than any other bike. The shape of the frame is just exceptional, and it’s even more efficient when you have all these top of the line components. The rigidity makes the bike very responsive. On every move, it’s very reactive, and you don’t have a lot of torsion when you push hard on the pedals."

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Paolo explains to us the difference between this bike and his old bikes in aluminium (Play, Koxx, Monty) , especially on big moves : "You do feel a big difference on one move: hook ups ! When you hook your front wheel, you can feel the rigidity, and the responsiveness of the bike is impressive. Aluminium frames are not so stiff."

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Paolo is a professional athlete, he is always on tour doing shows on artificial obstacles, but he spends most of his time riding on natural spots. " I’m used to ride on rocks, and tricky sections. When you are riding on rocks, you can take advantage of all the stiffness of this bike. For a street ride, this bike is just the best. All your power, goes in your bike, and sensations are unbelievable."

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