K-124 Days 2010 by Tribal Zine

K-124 Days 2010 by Tribal Zine

mercredi 19 janvier 2011
par Ben Swales
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In order to start the New Year off well, we’ve got a surprise for you ! It’s been a long time coming, but we hope it’s been worth the wait ! Marcus Gelhard, the filmmaker behind Gpoint productions, Tribal Zine’s official video editor, has finally managed to finish the official K-124 Days 2010 video. He has taken the footage, filmed on three HD cameras, and created a video that plunges you into the heart of the action. Unfortunately, we were unable to include the many interviews that we had on film, we were all too busy with our ‘real’ jobs to be able to dedicate enough time to the video. The video still includes all of the highs and lows of the weekend and everything in between, with a very high standard of editing from the talented Marcus.

PNG - 309.1 ko As it was quite a while ago, we’ll remind you about the event which opened the 2010 season. It is a weekend that those who were there, on their bikes or ‘on the other side of the section tape’, will remember for a long time. For its tenth anniversary, the trials festival took place, not at Buthiers as tradition would have had it, but on the organising club Bike Trial Franc-Comtois’s home turf, La Tour de Sçay. Alain Rémy and his team put together an unusual event (two rounds, Super Elite category, natural and artificial sections that were like UCI sections, supersized, etc.) that pushed the riders from all over Europe to their very limits ! The first round took place on the Saturday afternoon on 100% natural sections comprising mossy rocks and muddy inclines on the side of the hill, presenting very technical challenges for every rider. The driving rain only served to make things harder and in the end, just getting through a section was a great achievement ! The hordes of spectators following the Elites and Super Elites though the mud were treated to an incredible and unforgettable spectacle. It was hard enough to stay upright on foot, let alone on a bike, but these riders gave their all in an effort to get to the end of each section. Benito Ros enjoyed the most success in Super Elite and took the lead with 39 points on his card, eight points ahead of Vincent Hermance and Gilles Coustellier. Guillaume Dunand took the lead in Elite, ahead of Wesley Belaey and local boy Marius Merger. The following day, the second and final round took place and was more in keeping with current UCI competitions, although the sections, composed of imported rocks and wooden obstacles, were long and extremely difficult, with some titanic gaps and ups. Benito, Gilles and Vincent put on a great show and all finished on exactly the same score – just 17 points each ! La Bestia therefore took the win ahead of the two Frenchmen, who were separated on most ones, with Gilles just taking second place. Guillaume Dunand retained the lead in Elite to clinch the victory, with a sizeable lead over Spaniard Ion Areitio and German Hannes Hermann.

PNG - 296 ko In brief, the first big international competition of the 2010 season was an intense affair ; a sort of ‘Woodstock of trials’ that will remain for a long time in the memories of the riders and spectators who were there. Alain Rémy and the 60 or so volunteers put on a great event and gave the famous festival a new dimension. Marcus captured it perfectly : the warm-ups, the behind-the-scenes action, the competitions… click play to plunge yourself into the very heart of K-124 Days 2010 ! Bravo Marcus ! We recommend downloading the video and watching it on your TV screen for the best effect. HD sStreaming here : Tribal Channel.

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Among the Tribal Zine staff at K-124 Days 2010 there was another German rider, Nico Bahro, who brought us another perspective on the competitions. That of a trials rider, but also that of an artist and professional photographer. In the days that followed the event he sent us several memorable collections of photos (Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3 et Gallery 4). Here is a selection of photos from those galleries :

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