Jack Carthy avec Enter-Bike pour 2012

Jack Carthy with Enter-Bike in 2012

Friday 4 May 2012
by Ben Swales
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JPEG - 4.2 kb Britain is perhaps best known for its talented and creative street riders who have pushed our sport further and further, both in amplitude and in style. But in the next few years, we expect that the UK will be shaking things up on the international competition circuit, which is currently dominated by the French and Spanish, who have been taking home all the trophies for the last ten years or so. There is an extremely promising new generation of riders coming through on our little island, and we can expect big things from them. The one who is sure to this first is Jack Carthy, a phenomenal rider who is just 15 years old. Those who have seen him ride at the last three World Youth Games, or in any of the British national rounds, will know what we’re talking about. He has been British Champion more times than we care to mention and has won two international Minime and one Cadet title and is the firm favourite for the World Cadet title in 2012. Last year, at the World Cup in Antwerp (where he was too young to compete) he rode the sections after the competition, cleaning the biggest passages with disconcerting ease (Jack Carthy in Antwerp ->http://tribalzine. com/?Jack-Carthy-a-Anvers]). When we spoke to Kenny Belaey afterwards, he was seriously impressed, saying “Jack Carthy will be the next World Champion, that much is certain. I see a bit of myself in him, he has a real hunger to win. When he’s 18, 19, Gille, Vincent and I will have to watch out!” (Kenny Belaey on the success of Antwerp).

PNG - 309 kb In our last interview with Kenny he announced that his new shop, Enter-Bike, which he will be launching at the opening of the 2012 World Cup, would be sponsoring the young prodigy for the next season and that he would soon be receiving his new bike (Kenny Belaey – Living the Dream). Well, he’s had it for a few weeks now, and here is the first video of him on his Rockman Slate XL alongside riding buddy Ross Clayton. He has progressed even further than when we last saw him, and he cleans huge rock sections and concrete steps with majestic ease. The world elites might already have someone new to contend with; the “Clean Machine” will be snapping at their heels on the international circuit this season. Here’s what Jack had to say about his new partnership, the new season and his new bike…

I’ve signed a deal with Enter-Bike for the 2012 season, and I’m really happy about it! I’ll be riding on the new Rockman Slate XL this season.

My first competition on it will be the second round of the British Trials Cup in Blackpool: it’s a great venue, the moon rocks are amazing. And then I’ll be heading to the World Cups! I can’t wait, bring on Aalter! I can’t wait to ride with my idols, to see what their strengths are and to compete with them! I’ve already ridden with Kenny in Aalter and it’s pretty cool. It’s going to be brilliant!

The Rockman XL is even better than my Sky, and I’ve stopped running the carbon forks. It’s so stiff and smooth to ride… I love it!

JPEG - 92.8 kb

On that note, we’ll leave you to enjoy the video. Jack Carthy, the next big thing on the Elite circuit, in training. Ross Clayton’s riding is pretty good too. Enjoy...



Jack Carthy and his Slate XL, by Tribal Rider Jamie Bew

JPEG - 747.9 kb

Training & comp’ bikes, ready for Blackpool !

JPEG - 194 kb

A few of the moves from the video…

JPEG - 559.8 kb JPEG - 352 kb JPEG - 415 kb JPEG - 483.2 kb PNG - 213.1 kb JPEG - 368.6 kb

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